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During acupuncture treatment, acupuncture points are stimulated by inserting fine needles. On the one hand, Qi is regulated in its channels, on the other hand, the body's own healing powers are stimulated. Acupuncture treatment often includes other forms of TCM such as Tuina, cupping, Gua Sha, moxibustion and electro acupuncture. Find out more about the other acupuncture treatment methods here:



Further forms of treatment

Treatment methods

Moxa ist eine TCM Methode


When using moxibustion, also known as "moxa", the herb mugwort (Artemisa vulgaris) is burned and thus used as a heat source. It is burned over acupuncture points, where it stimulates these points, areas or meridians, and is used especially for diagnosed signs of cold.

Gua Sha Behandlung bei TCM Therapeut

Gua Sha

The name Gua Sha combines the two Chinese terms Gua (刮, "scrape") and Sha (痧, "acute illness"). It is a very effective method for treating acute colds or relieving muscle tension. The edge of the Gua Sha tool (usually a porcelain spoon) is scraped over specific areas of the skin until the skin changes color. This discoloration is a sign of the release of tension and brings a soothing and liberating feeling with it.

Schröpfbehandlung bei TCM Therapeut


Cupping is the placing of glass balls on the patient's skin, which creates a vacuum and thus lift the skin from deeper tissue layers.

As a result, this area of the body is supplied with more blood and the lymph flow is activated. Metabolic products are better drained, more oxygen reaches the tissue and tension and associated pain are eliminated. The cupping method is generally used for muscle pain, tension and in cosmetic applications.

Ohrakupunktur bei TCM Therapeut

Ear acupuncture

The French doctor Paul Nogier first described the correlation between certain points on the ear and the body in 1956 and thus the connection between the auricle and the brain via the formatio reticularis (switching points between the brain and the body). Stimuli to the auricle are passed on to the brain or body via this path. During the treatment, selected ear acupuncture points are stimulated with needles. It is used particularly successfully for the treatment of pain, allergies, psychological complaints, addiction and weight reduction.

Elektroakupunktur bei TCM Therapeut

Electro acupuncture

During the application, pulsating electrical current is connected to acupuncture needles. The method was developed in China as an effective alternative to hand manipulation of acupuncture needles. Electricity flows from one pole to the other, thus creating an stimulation between these two poles. It is generally used to stimulate acupuncture points and relieve muscle tension. It is also very suitable for neurological diseases and chronic pain associated with paralysis and cramps. Electro-acupuncture is not painful and at the limit of the patient's perception.

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