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Treatment methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treatment methods

Schulter mit Akupunkturnadeln gegen Schmerzen


During an acupuncture treatment, acupuncture points are stimulated by inserting fine needles. On the one hand, Qi is regulated in its channels, on the other hand, the body's own healing powers are stimulated. Acupuncture treatment often includes other methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Tuina, Cupping, Gua Sha, moxibustion or electro acupuncture. A detailed diagnosis is made prior to an acupuncture treatment. Learn more about acupuncture and other forms of treatment.

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Chinesische Kräutertherapie

Chinese herbal medicines

Chinese herbal medicine, also known as "herbal or phytotherapy", is a good alternative to synthetic drugs. It is one of the most important forms of therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is known as its imperial discipline.

The art of Chinese herbal medicine is to combine herbs into an effective mixture individually for the patients needs.

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TCM Ernährung


Chinese nutrition is based on the understanding that food is medicine and that the correct amount and selection of food can prevent disease and maintain and improve health. Like Chinese herbs, food is classified according to temperature and taste. Dietary recommendations are tailored to the season and region and are based on the age of the patient. Each patient receives individual recommendations depending on their state of health.

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