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TCM Martina Coletti

About me


My name is Martina - I am a naturopathic practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In my practice in Zurich Seefeld, I have specialized in the treatment of infertility, gynecology and pregnancy support.

I was interested in the subject of healthy living from an early age. After a very positive experience for me with a TCM therapy, I became even more enthusiastic about this topic and decided to get a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

 I appreciate to be able to use my knowledge, to bring this very old healing method closer to my patients.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in my practice. 

Languages: German, English


Why did I decide to specialise in TCM gynecology?

TCM gynecology was my favorite area from the start. For years I suffered from severe menstrual pain due to endometriosis. Today I am almost pain free after undergoing a TCM therapy. For this reason, I have been acquiring knowledge in TCM gynecology for a long time and have dedicated myself to this topic.


I expanded my theoretical knowledge with further education in "Reproductive gynecology and infertility in Chinese and Western medicine". I improved my practical experience in a fertility clinic, doing acupuncture before and after embryo transfer of IVF/ICSI cycles. In addition, I still assist at the Zhong Institute to give midwives an insight into the practical application of TCM.

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Focus of my




TCM therapist in own practice in Zürich Seefeld


2019- ongoing

Assistant at the Zhong Institute - TCM training for midwives


TCM therapist- transfer acupuncture for IFV/ICSI

at Fertisuisse Olten (fertility clinic)



Div. internships in Chinese medicine



Naturopath with Oda AM certificate in acupuncture, Tuina


Naturopath with Oda AM certificate in Chinese herbal medicine 


Continuing education


Reproductive gynecology and infertility in Chinese and Western medicine

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