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Treatment procedure

The first appointment:

Usually takes 1.5 hours and includes a detailed anamnesis followed by acupuncture treatment

Follow-up treatment:

Lasts 1 hour and includes a short follow up followed by acupuncture treatment

Additional information:

Treatments can only include chinese herbal medicine therapy. Treatment times are shortened for this form of therapy alone. In addition, some follow-up treatments can be held via telephone or video call.

Duration of therapy

At the beginning weekly appointments take place. As soon as improvements in the symptoms are archived, the treatment intervals are extended to every 2 weeks and later to every 3-4 weeks

The duration and effectiveness of a therapy is therefore individual and is influenced by various factors such as basic constitution, age of the patient and the duration of the complaints.


Please bring a list of your current medication and any medical reports with you (laboratory diagnostics, doctor's reports) to this appointment.

In order to ensure an authentic tongue image, I ask you not to have any coffee or chocolate two hours before the appointment. Avoid strongly coloring food and drinks. If possible, wear as little makeup as possible to the appointment. 


Hourly rate  CHF 156.-

Chinese herbal medicine

prescription rate

15 min. |  CHF 39.-

Repeated prescriptions are billed according to the prescription rate

Larger prescription adjustments are billed according to the effective prescription time

Health insurance participation

I am recognized by most of the supplementary insurances of the Swiss health insurances. Part of the treatment costs are reimbursed by the health insurances through the supplementary insurance for complementary medicine. The reimbursement amount varies depending on the insurance. Please check with your health insurance about  reimbursement amount before your appointment.

My ZSR number is N519263

herbal medicine

Procedure for ordering herbal medicine:

I will order the prescription for the medicines directly from the Swiss specialty pharmacy for Chinese medicines.  

The herbal mixture will be sent to a pharmacy in your area and can be picked up there after a few days.  The invoice is paid directly to the specialty pharmacy and the return receipt provided can be submitted to the health insurance company.

Treatment with Chinese medicines may result in additional treatment costs. (see point costs)

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