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Frequently Asked Questions & Answer

Does health insurance cover my treatment?

I am recognized by all health insurance companies. Most health insurance companies cover the treatment costs via supplementary insurance for complementary medicine. The scope of the refund varies depending on the insurance company. Please inform yourself before the treatment atyour health insurance.

How long does a treatment take?

A treatment lasts one hour. Exceptions are first appointments, these last 1.5 hours.

How is the treatment process?

The first appointment lasts 1.5 hours and includes a detailed medical history, acupuncture treatment and, if necessary, a prescription for Chinese medicines. 

A follow-up treatment lasts 1 hour and includes a short debriefing, acupuncture treatment and, if necessary, Chin. drug therapy.

A treatment can also only include Chinese medicinal therapy. For this form of therapy alone, the treatment times are shortened. In addition, some follow-up treatments can be held via telephone or video call.

How much does a treatment cost?

One hour costs CHF 156.-. Prescribing a recipe for Chin. Medicines cost CHF 39.-.

How much is Chin. Medicines and are they covered by health insurance?

The costs vary depending on the content of the recipe. Approximately CHF 200 to 250 is expected per month. The costs for the medicines are covered proportionally by the supplementary insurance. please iinform youbefore treatment with your health insurance company.

like ist the order flow for Chin. Drug?

The prescription for the medicines will be given by me directly to the Swiss specialty pharmacy for Chin. Medicines ordered. The drug mixture is sent to a pharmacy near you and can be picked up there after a few days. The bill is paid directly to the specialty pharmacy and the enclosed receipt for the reclaim can be submitted to the health insurance company.

Is Acupuncture Painful?

For most, acupuncture is not painful. By using thin, sterile disposable needles, the puncture is hardly noticeable. However, the perception of pain differs from person to person. If there is a feeling of pain during acupuncture, I switch to extremely thin needles to counteract this. My goal is to make the acupuncture treatment as painless as possible.

I'm afraid of needles. Is Chinese medicine still possible?

Acupuncture is just one of the many treatment options offered by Chinese medicine. If you do not want needles, therapy can also be carried out using only Chinese medicines (herbal medicine).

How often do I come to therapy?

Basically, the therapy should not be a must.

At the beginning weekly appointments take place. As soon as improvements in the symptoms are archived, the treatment intervals are extended to every 2 weeks and later to every 3-4 weeks. Acute conditions may require fewer sessions, while long-standing chronic conditions may require more. The duration and efficiency of the therapy is individual and is influenced by the basic constitution, age, the duration of the symptoms and the frequency of the treatments.

I am acutely ill, should I still come for therapy?

Yes, you can still come for therapy. Please wear a mask. 

Data protection

A data protection declaration will be filled out at the first appointment. Here is a copy.


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