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Thank you for your interest in a treatment at my practise. Feel free to book your appointment online on this page.

To ease the booking in English, here are short instructions: 

  1. If you book for the first time, please choose "TCM-Erstbehandlung"; if you have booked before, please use "TCM-Folgebehandlung" ; if you are coming only for birth prep. or breech position, please choose "TCM-Geburtsvorbereitung" ; if you only being treated with chinese herbal therapy, please choose "Arzneimitteltherapie-vor Ort" for a consultation in my practise or "Arzneimitteltherapie-Online/telefon" for an online consultation

  2. Click "Jetzt buchen" to start the booking process

  3. Choose a date and time, when you would like to have your appointment

  4. Enter your contact information including the main symptoms you have

  5. Finalize your booking. You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you have provided

Alternatively, you can of course also call or whatsapp me on +41 78 203 73 93  or by email at and make an appointment.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in my practise.

Info for new patients:
Appointments for initial treatments will not be available until July 24. To book, please contact me via email or Whatsapp.

Appointments that have not been canceled 24 hours in advance must unfortunately be billed in full.


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