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Schwangere Frau geht zur Akupunktur


Pain free.



TCM Zürich Seefeld

TCM & Acupuncture practice
for gynaecology
in Zurich Seefeld

Ancient medicine for
woman's health

Gynecology, Endometriosis & PCOS

TCM gynecology accompanies women with menstrual problems, PMS, endometriosis and PCOS.  

Kinderwunsch Akupunktur TCM Zürich Seefeld



Are you trying to conceive and would like to benefit from the advantages of Chinese medicine?

Pregnancy & childbirth preparation

Pregnancy & childbirth preparation

with acupuncture in Zurich Seefeld!

Schwangerschaftsbauch Zürich Seefeld
TCM Martina Coletti Zürich Seefeld

About my practice in Zürich Seefeld 

My TCM practice in Zurich Seefeld for acupuncture & Chinese medicine specializes in TCM gynecology and therefore my focus is on the infertility, gynecological complaints and pregnancy support. I am very happy to be able to use my knowledge as a TCM practitioner to bring this very old healing methods closer to my patients.

About TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine tries to even imbalance in your body.


Therapy forms such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy and Chinese nutrition principles are used.

One of the great advantages is that functional disorders can be recognized preventively and treated before they established organically.

TCM Zürich Seefeld

Medicine from 

What is Chinese herbal medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine, is medicine mostly made out of plants and is a good alternative to synthetic drugs.

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